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Hours of Operation:
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30-minute scalp, feet, & hand massage: $35.00

60 minutes: $60.00 75minutes:  $70.00

90 minutes: $80.00

90 minutes: Hot Stone/Massage Combo, $95.00

Massage Therapy
Deep Tissue • Shiatsu • Full Body Massage • Pressure Points

Experience complete relaxation with our hot stone, deep tissue, or full body
massage from our Honolulu, Hawaii, massage therapy center.

g Shiatsu-Japanese accupressure helps restore balance in Meridians and organs to promote self healing.

  Sports Massage- designed to reduce injuries  through stretching and body parts manipulation. 

Deep tissue- utilizes deep muscle massage.

Brent has 10 years of experience in Shiatsu, deep tissue, sports massage and Lomi Lomi. He has combined these various techniques to create a very beneficial, relaxing and energizing massage. The massage helps to increase blood circulation and joint flexibility release chronic muscular tension and pain and promote faster healing of injured muscle tissue.  Also, helps to improve concentration, reduce anxiety, promote better sleep and overall sense of well-being.

g Hot Stone- Specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones placed on specific points along the spine, palms of hand and between toes to improve the flow on energy in your body.

The heat of the stones helps to increase relaxation and decrease chronic muscle pain and also reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress, it is deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage.   Experience relaxation and increased blood circulation through a Hot Stone Treatment. 

g Therapeutic, Beneficial Massage

Brent Fong, LMT offers a therapeutic and beneficial massage, which starts with a full scalp and neck massage. While face down he starts to work down from neck to the shoulder, shoulder blades and trapezius muscles concentrating on these areas as a major sore spot for most clients.

Next he moves to the arm, hands and fingers then to the middle and lower back. He follows with work on the hip and sciatic nerve area, and focuses on a hip and leg manipulation to get deeper into the surrounding muscle areas. The massage continues down the leg with work on the hamstring and calf areas and ends with a full foot massage before turning the client over.

When the client turns over he works from the feet up. Again, he starts with a foot massage then moves to the  the calves, ham strings and quads. Brent feels that stretching is very important and thus performs with clients approval various lower back and leg stretching excercises and stretching techniques.  These stretches are important in keeping the muscles loose and limber and encourages his clients to perform them daily. 

He moves the the arms and hands again and then to the neck, upper back and trapezius muscles, he ends with a face massage and stretching the arms and neck.  All in all it is a very complete and thorough massage hitting the problem areas any client might have. 

Again, Brent customizes each massage to the clients needs and problem areas and asks throughtout massage if pressure is OK and if clients need additional work on specific areas.